#Mumbag TopTrumps – Number 5

By day she looks after HR for one of London’s coolest ad agencies. Her #Mumbag is a sight for my very sore eyes.  If I stand near her enough, will some of her organisational skills rub off on me? I hope so. Let’s take a peek …


Name: Mizzy

Age: 35

What do you do?  HR at Mr President

Kids: Francesca, 4, Jack, 11 Months

Mark your #Mumbag out of 10 for the following:

Entertainment: 8 if you’re Frankie, 0 if you’re Jack.

Food: 8 if you’re healthy, if it’s an I need sugar day.

Drugs: 0 unless you like Doc McStuffin plasters.

Clothing:  8. Wet knickers and leaking nappies are covered.

Skank: 0. I am not a fan of skank.

Nice things for me: My favourite Whistles tiny bag for grown-up things.

Comedy item: The biggest collection of figurines you have ever seen. We’ve got Boj, Twirlywoos, 2x unicorns, Peppa, George, Susie, Danny and Candy. One miniature pink tennis ball and a shit load of crap from Kinder eggs.

What are your proudest of? My collection of coffee loyalty cards. If you’re a coffee shop in Hampstead, me and my kids are regulars.

Describe your bag: I am a huge fan of bags with compartments. I HATE rummaging around for things whilst holding a baby/umbrella/school bag/scooter/coat. Everything is in a purse or container. There is no risk of anything getting wet. Everything has a home and I get cross if I can’t find it.

100% OCD.

Let’s see it then:



Can I see inside your #Mumbag?


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