#Mumbag TopTrumps – Number 5

By day she looks after HR for one of London’s coolest ad agencies. Her #Mumbag is a sight for my very sore eyes.  If I stand near her enough, will some of her organisational skills rub off on me? I hope so. Let’s take a peek …


Name: Mizzy

Age: 35

What do you do?  HR at Mr President

Kids: Francesca, 4, Jack, 11 Months

Mark your #Mumbag out of 10 for the following:

Entertainment: 8 if you’re Frankie, 0 if you’re Jack.

Food: 8 if you’re healthy, if it’s an I need sugar day.

Drugs: 0 unless you like Doc McStuffin plasters.

Clothing:  8. Wet knickers and leaking nappies are covered.

Skank: 0. I am not a fan of skank.

Nice things for me: My favourite Whistles tiny bag for grown-up things.

Comedy item: The biggest collection of figurines you have ever seen. We’ve got Boj, Twirlywoos, 2x unicorns, Peppa, George, Susie, Danny and Candy. One miniature pink tennis ball and a shit load of crap from Kinder eggs.

What are your proudest of? My collection of coffee loyalty cards. If you’re a coffee shop in Hampstead, me and my kids are regulars.

Describe your bag: I am a huge fan of bags with compartments. I HATE rummaging around for things whilst holding a baby/umbrella/school bag/scooter/coat. Everything is in a purse or container. There is no risk of anything getting wet. Everything has a home and I get cross if I can’t find it.

100% OCD.

Let’s see it then:



Can I see inside your #Mumbag?


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#Mumbag TopTrumps – Number 4

She sings, she dances, she covers the world in glitter.  But what’s in the bag? The most glamorous woman I know has let me have a sneaky peek …

Louisa 115 B&W

Name: Louisa

Age: 38

What do you do?  Singer with The Polka Dots, and Face Paint and Glitter Artist with The Glitterbox. 

Kids: Heidi, 9 and Marley, 7.

Mark your #Mumbag out of 10 for the following:

Entertainment: 2.  It would have been higher yesterday, as Marley’s Plop Trumps cards were in there.

Food: 3.   Special K bars are against my religion, but weirdly my kids love them, so I’m always armed for after school snack attacks. If you’d asked me to do this last Thursday it would have been a 9, as my handbag was crammed with deli meats. No lie.

Drugs: 2. But it is a school night.

Clothing:  Minus 10. I’m disgusted that there is one used stocking in my handbag ready for a wash after Saturday night’s gig at Henley regatta. I’m left to wonder where the other one is.

Skank:  10. See above.

Nice things for me: Well, there is a fair amount of vanity packed into this little space. So I rate it an 8. And I genuinely don’t always carry glitter in my bag. I promise. That really was just a fluke chucked in there instead of my work bag after a job yesterday.

Comedy item: Heidi and Marley’s  2 used ice cream spoons that somehow came home from Barcelona with us a week and a half ago. Again, if only the Plop Trumps were still in.

What are your proudest of? The business cards. I feel so flipping lucky to do the jobs I do.

Describe your bag: I wish it was showgirl-chic, but it’s more dirty-stocking-scuzz.


Can I see inside your #Mumbag?