It’s #MumBag and #MumBoss #Monday where some very talented and interesting women let us into their minds and their bags to see their inner workings.

This week we have a pair of Mums who have come up with one of those genius ideas that is also really simple, like the best ones always are.

Cat and Jen met at NCT and became good friends. When their kids started nursery they found themselves drowning in all the artistic creations they came home with.  Not having the heart to chuck them out and also not having the wall space to show it all, they started to scan and digitally reproduce the images and make stylish poster prints to show them off.


At first they made them for family and friends and they were a real hit; so they decided to give it a go as a business and BarneyandWilf  (named after their boys) was born. Two years on and they are winning Design Awards and featuring in Tatler.

I caught up with these two inspiring ex City-girls to see how they got to this point:


What does your business do in a nutshell?

Cat and I create poster prints out of children’s own artwork. We found ourselves in the position where we were being overloaded with lovely/ crazy things the kids had created each day at school and nursery, but having it stuck on the walls just created clutter and we had nowhere to store it all.  Plus we didn’t have the heart to throw it all out. So we came up with the idea of digitally reproducing the images into little squares, fitting 24 to up to 90 pieces onto a poster you would actually want on your walls, and then we could throw away or store the originals guilt free. Lucky for us the idea really caught on with parents as it’s something all Mums and Dads face. And the modern framed grid collage looks contemporary enough to have anywhere in your home.

When did you start it and why at that time?

Cat and I did NCT together and, as our youngest sons were about to turn 1, we had had so many comments about the prints we had made for friends and family we decided to give it a go selling them properly. With tiny children, it took another year to get going, and the boys, Barney and Wilf, have just now turned 3.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Fitting it in around the children who were so young when we started. We used nap times and evenings to get things done and relied on Cat’s husbands amazing IT skills to get a website going. Also as we both have backgrounds in the City so getting up to speed on digital marketing and the Instagram and Facebook world have been learning curves.

What has been your proudest moment?

Winning a Junior Design Award and being introduced at school as the mum at school with ‘that genius business idea’. It makes it really worthwhile (even if its really not as glamorous as it sounds!)


What is your best mum hack for making it all work?

Wine! And working in the evenings. It’s not for everyone I know, but I’m used to working late from my banking days. I literally cant get anything done if my children are in the house, and now the naps are a distant memory it really is the only time I can get any work done. It’s quiet, you can drink wine and there’s nothing worth watching on the TV anymore.

You seemed to have found your ‘thing’ – do you see it that way?

Both Cat and I agree we have been really lucky to find a unique business idea which has taken off and addresses a gap in the market.  So, yes, to a certain extent we have found a niche, but I would also say we did stumble upon it during those hazy, sleep deprived baby years, and would be keen to try other businesses in the future now we have found our feet a bit.  But we are still very much a new business, and as the saying goes you get luckier the harder you work.  It has been quite a struggle getting up and running with such young children at home, so it’s not for the feint hearted.

What encouragement would you give a mum thinking of starting her own thing?

Give it a go and be brave.  Honestly, everyone is blagging to a certain degree. Coming from a background in Corporate Banking in the Middle East my skill set couldn’t have been more different, but Cat and I sent a few emails and genuinely loved our idea, which I think rubs off. Before we knew it people were ordering prints and featuring us in magazines and blogs.

Also something Anna Whitehouse (Mother Pukka) said which I really took on board, was keep the activity going, and I definitely find this works. If sales are quiet, just keep sending emails to people who could help you, posting on Instagram and generally interacting with people and building networks. We might not sell a print, but we will make a relationship, attend a function, make a new friend with great insights…its all part of building a business and makes you feel like its ticking along. Working alone can be lonely so expect quiet times and use friends or family as sounding boards.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t take it all so seriously!  In my previous career I was in such a rush to achieve achieve achieve, that I never took stock of where I was or asked enough questions of the people around me. Now I have been forced to slow down with 2 young children and working on my own small business I have realised what’s important in life. I moan about it at 7am but I really do like that I can take the children to school and be the one to pick them up most days.

Will you show us your #MumBag?

Number of items in your bag: 10

Mark your #MumBag out of 10 for:

Entertainment: 6  A Thomas train and a favourite book. We are never far from a train with Wilf around and he played with this very patiently waiting at the doctors surgery the other day (and probably picking up every germ possible!)

Food: 0  Complete snack fail today. Probably why my children are so awful in public! Must buy snacks.

Drugs: 8 Currently fighting the dreaded lurgy going around, Lemsip is my friend. And 8 hour cream for everything.

Clothing: 4 Spare monster pants for Wilf. Always. Bless him, always far to busy to be bothered to go to the loo. And always baby wipes, to assist in the aforementioned accidents.

Skank: 6 Receipts, hair ties and a dry cleaning ticket from 2015 (inside my wallet)

Actual nice things for you: My lovely Jem and Bea MAMA bag with a few bits of makeup. I always have a few bits for after the gym, when I ever get there. We met Jem and Bea at a Mums The Word meet up in Tunbridge Wells and it was great to chat to a business further down the line to us. They were generous with their time and contacts and make the miost beautiful bags.

What is the most comedy item you have found? Annie’s latest artwork handed to me the other day. Her face stuck to a bumble bee. However she is white blond and the way she has cut her head out makes her look completely bald. I did have a giggle.

What is the oldest item in there? A couple of those receipts probably. Oh and my coin purse from Marrakech. The blue leather is so old and battered but I love it and reminds me of fun travels.

What is the item you’re most proud of? Rich gave me my bag when I had Annie, and I’m most proud of the fact that despite it being cream I haven’t completely trashed it yet.

Describe your baggage-type:  I definitely err on the side of messy, but every now and then I get a bit OCD and have a big clear out. But yes, hoarder most of the time.

Let’s see it then:


Thank you for reading x

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It’s #MumBag and #MumBoss #Monday where some very talented and interesting women let us into their minds and their bags to see their inner workings.

When Jess Bahia’s  baby daughter started to sit up by herself, she realised that Mala could do with a comfy little chair of her own to sit safely in for her bottle/ book/ snuggly time without falling off.  We’ve all heard that awful thud, let’s face it.


After looking about for something suitable the only options she found were big, plastic, pink and covered in characters which was totally NOT what she was after.

Jess had an idea for a mini kids sofa, spotted a gap in the market and the idea of Mini Sett was born.


They launched in 2016 with 3 mini ‘flip’ sofas that are made in stylish neutral colours, screen-printed in the UK with line-drawn animal illustrations (Badger, Swan and Kingfisher) and are 100% washable premium cotton.  They have a pocket to fit a favourite book and handle so they can be pulled around with ease and are designed for children aged 6 months to 7 years.

I caught up with Jess to find out how she got to this point:

What does your business do in a nutshell?

At Mini Sett, we design and create contemporary home-wares for children that complement any stylish modern home. Our first product that we launched in 2016 was our kid’s mini flip sofa; perfect for reading, resting and watching their favourite film that sits perfectly in any stylish living room or children’s bedroom. In 2017, we’re launching a new, beautiful children’s bedding range, featuring our unique animal designs in grey and white and monochrome.


When did you start it and why at that time?

Summer 2016 was our initial launch at Dot to Dot London – but we started 9 months prior with extensive product development, testing and refinement. The timing seemed right, as my daughter was doing 3 full days of nursery, which finally gave me some uninterrupted time to think, plan, meet suppliers and work on my laptop – alone!

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Finding a screen printer in the UK who could deliver the print quality of our intricate hand-drawn Illustrations on soft cotton fabric that can be machine-washed, without losing the design detail.

What has been your proudest moment?

Featuring in Tatler magazine alongside other premium British brands.

You seemed to have found your ‘thing’ – how did you come across it?

I have worked in brand and product development for over 15 years for big branded companies and a few small ones and I love finding opportunities in the marketplace for new products, new consumers, new usages, and thought why not create my own products.

Why home-ware? I have also always loved home-wares (worked in home-ware retail for 5 years back in Australia when at University (20 years ago – yikes!), and have always loved beautiful products for the home.  Plus when I had my first child I felt that there was very little available in the way of modern, stylish home-wares for children.

What is your best mum hack for making it all work?

Work in small blocks of time – usually 2 hours. Allocate time for thinking and working on a key priority everyday. I tend to work best in the morning after the school drop off.

I also only check my emails first thing (before my daughter gets up, whilst in bed!), then again at lunchtime and before the school pick. I close down my email program otherwise I get too distracted and could just spend the day emailing  which is not very productive.

What encouragement would you give a mum thinking of starting her own thing?

Just go for it. Find something that you passionately believe in and are proud and enthused to tell people about everyday. You’ll never work as many hours and for as little money (at first) as you do your own business, so you have to love what you do.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Ask more questions. Find out more about how and why things are done when at work. When you’re young and inexperienced, you tend to think you know everything already (I know I did!) and that asking how or why, may seem stupid.

Be open to constantly learning and asking questions from your boss, more senior people around you and your parents. People love sharing their experience and imparting their knowledge with younger people. This is invaluable learning.

Will you show us your #MumBag?

Number of items in your bag: 20

Mark your #MumBag out of 10 for:

Entertainment: 10 – Usually just my phone.  My 4 year old daughter is obsessed with Snapchat, so that trumps any other form of entertainment

Food: 4 – muesli bar, fruit pouch, Mint polos, random sweets that have fallen out of their packet, bottle of water.

Drugs: 0 – I don’t have anything.

Clothing: 0 – I’ve never carried spare clothes – I’m an unrealistic optimist who is often cold or with a child with muddy clothes!

Skank: 3 – Always a dirty tissue or dried up used wipe, crushed biscuits or old raisins.

Actual nice things for you: 6 – concealer, red lipstick, hand cream, hairbrush, a small perfume

Work things: 7 – paper diary (I’m old school), felt-tip pen (I cannot write with a biro!), a notebook, business cards.

What is the most comedy item you have found?

Yesterday, I found the detachable mouse tail from my daughter’s One-sie, that she wears after swimming lessons – so random.

What is the oldest item in there?

My Mason & Pearson pink hairbrush that I was given by my mum, when I was 4!

What is the item you’re most proud of?

My notebook – it’s a little book of random ideas and creative inspiration.

Describe your baggage:

Unrealistic Optimist.

Let’s see it then:


Thank you for reading x

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It’s #MumBag and #MumBoss #Monday where some very talented and interesting women let us into their minds and their bags to see their inner workings.

Johanna Rossi is based in Monaco and lives there with her husband and two kids aged 8 and 4.


She has started Raising Women as a way to support entrepreneurial mums to create a life they love.

Her website is a community of like-minded women sharing their stories of self discovery through motherhood via podcasts where she interviews her guests about their pasts and how they’ve got to where they are now.  They are an inspirational read and listen as well as being totally accessible as you realise that they are normal mums doing their thing. You can also read Johanna’s very honest personal story here.


Johanna is also a Holistic Health Coach and mentor and offers 1:1 sessions to help women find their voice and some structure after being buried under everyone else’s needs in the early years.  She also supports Care International (who provide CARE packages to people recovering from war) through the sales of her awesome Tees and Tote in her shop.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 14.52.35.png

The #MumBoss Questions:

What does your business/ do you do in a nutshell?

I support women to balance motherhood with becoming who they were meant to be.

When did you start it and why at that time?

I launched in September in 2016 after refocusing, stripping back and rebranding my original business.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Self doubt.

What has been your proudest moment?

One day someone asked my son what my work was all about. He said that Mum helps people to stay healthy and happy – he got it!

What is your best mum hack for making it all work?

Forward thinking and pre-planning. And leave room in your schedule for the parenting curve ball.

What encouragement would you give a Mum thinking of starting her own thing?

You don’t have to climb the whole mountain at once. Do your best with the time you have, and step-by-step you’ll get a better view of the journey that you are on. The climb is the best bit and it is important to stop every once in a while and take in the view!

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t worry about looking for a job, think more about who you want to help, what changes you want to make and how you are going to do it.

You have found your thing, how did you come across it?

Actually through my journey I’ve come to believe that the ‘thing’ we look for doesn’t really exist. What does, however, is how our acceptance for our life and the path we are on.  Accepting who we are and what cards we were given.

The people who appear to have found their ‘thing’ haven’t arrived at a destination, they are like everyone else who is searching, yet they have accepted to embrace the path they are on, and focus on all the good stuff that is on their path.

I believe finding ‘your thing’ is all about seeing what is already there with a new outlook that comes with a change of mindset. Energy flows where focus goes, so when we focus on creating meaning in our life we automatically create an energy which causes us to shift in a fundamental way.

Will you show us your #MumBag?

Number of items in your bag: About 10

Mark your #MumBag out of 10 for:

Entertainment: 6

Food: 6

Drugs: 10 homeopathic kind! 😉

Clothing: 3

Skank: 7

Actual nice things for you: 3

What is the most comedy item you have found?

Not many laughs had from my bag, but definitely had some surprises in the form of squashed bananas and stolen lipgloss that one of my little people managed to negotiate out the shop under the radar!

What is the oldest item in there?

My keys!

What is the item you’re most proud of?

My polaroid camera

Describe your baggage-type:


Let’s see it then:


Thank you for reading x

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It’s #MumBag and #MumBoss #Monday where some very talented and interesting women let us into their minds and their bags to see their inner workings.
Today’s #MumBoss has probably got one of the best black books in the TV industry as she spent 17 years as an HR/Talent manager at Endemol, filling the production jobs on their iconic shows.
A year ago she left the role to spend more time with her children (Now 11, 9 and 4) and started a blog and an Instagram account called @chloelovestoshop to give herself a reason to ‘keep making an effort’ in the mornings and to share her #OOTD and her amazing knack of finding high-end looking pieces on the high street.
One year and TWENTY THOUSAND followers later and Chloe’s passion has turned into her job. She lets us in on how it’s all come about …

What do you do in a nutshell?

I am a mummy fashion blogger. I blog about fashion and lifestyle and collaborate with brands that I love to wear.  My plan is to design my own range of clothing one day.

When did you start it and why at that time?

I started it a year ago, when I decided that I needed to spend more time with the children at home. Three children and a full time office job was proving too difficult, and I wanted to find something that I could fit in around the children’s school hours and try something that would get my creative juices flowing. When you have done the same job for 17 years, it’s tricky to feel invigorated by what you do. I needed a change

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

I didn’t expect things to take off so quickly, so my biggest challenge has been trying to fit it all in. It’s turned into a fairly full time ‘job’ but I am also full time with the children, so I have to try and fit everything in while they are at school. When I worked in an office I switched off the minute I walked out of the door (most days) but when you live your life through social media, it never stops! (That’s not a complaint, I love it, it’s just tricky to find a balance sometimes)

What has been your proudest moment?

Hitting 20K followers on Instagram has been a very proud moment and being asked to collaborate with big brands that I love has also made me proud. But I am probably most proud that I have not missed a single assembly, concert, netball match or competition this year. I have found a career that means that I can be there for the children whenever they need me.

What is your best #MumHack for making it all work?

Getting up an hour earlier than everyone else! When I do this, it makes a huge difference to my day. That hour of thinking through what I need to do without anyone asking something of me is golden. However, there are plenty of days that I don’t do this and I am very often chasing my tail and dropping balls!

What encouragement would you give someone thinking of starting their own thing?

Don’t be afraid to give it a go. I always think it’s better to look back on life and say ‘I can’t believe I did that’ than to say ‘I wish I had done that’.

We have one shot at this thing called life, and you have to do things that make you happy. Sometimes, that means taking a few risks. But when you take risks you feel alive and if they don’t work out, at least you will know you gave it your best shot. Be prepared to work really, really hard. But when it’s your own thing, you have all the energy and passion that you need to keep going, so it doesn’t always feel like hard work.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Believe in yourself more. I am still full of self-doubt and it can hold you back sometimes.


Will you show us your #MumBag?

Number of items in your bag: about 25

Mark your #MumBag out of 10 for:

Entertainment: 8 (earphones and an iphone! Not pictured I was using it to take the photograph!)

Food:2 ( 2 polos!!)


Clothing: 3 (1glove and a hat)

Skank: 6 (tons of old receipts)

Actual nice things for you: 6 (makeup and hand cream)

What is the most comedy item you have found?

A pair of pants that I had used to hold my hair up in the shower and realised just before I entered the school. I took them out and popped them in my bag and they stayed there for quite a few days…

What is the oldest item in there?

My nail clippers

What is the item you’re most proud of?

My Chloe purse. I treated myself to it with my (little) Christmas bonus at work a few years ago.

Describe your baggage-type:

Being a fashion blogger means that I change my bag most days. So every time I change it, I tend to clear it out so it is usually OCD. However, if I use the same bag for a few days I very very quickly become a hoarder.

Here it is:


Thank you for reading x

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It’s Monday. And I’m starting #MumBag and #MumBoss #Monday where some very talented and interesting women let us into their minds and their bags to see their inner workings.

First up it’s Siobhan Miller aka @the_double_mama, a 31 year old mum to 3 boys (aged 10, 2 and 10 months) who quit her career in digital marketing to teach hypnobirthing. She founded The Positive Birth Company to help pregnant women and their partners prepare for a positive and empowering birth.  She teaches in London and Devon and has helped first time mums through to fourth time mums, whatever type of birth they’re having.


When did you start the business and why at that time?

Back in 2013 I decided to leave my digital marketing career to pursue something more fulfilling. I wasn’t entirely sure what that something was but I knew I wanted to work with people, adults preferably, in some sort of therapeutic capacity. I enrolled to do a psychology masters at Westminster University with the intention of becoming a counsellor or clinical psychologist.

In 2014 whilst studying and pregnant with my second baby, I discovered hypnobirthing.

I did a course will Hollie at London Hypnobirthing, embraced the practice, and went on to have a completely magical homebirth. My son was born in front of the Christmas tree and I felt incredible, like an actual superwoman!

It was the polar opposite to my first birth experience. My eldest was born in theatre by forceps after a 2 day induction with lots of interventions. I had an epidural and couldn’t feel anything and the overwhelming emotion at the time of his delivery was panic. So hypnobirthing really did change everything for me.

The summer after my second son was born I completed my degree and it was one of those moments in life where the universe seems to align and everything seems to fall into place. I was searching for something meaningful to do, had an interest in and understanding of human psychology, and had just experienced something amazing that I felt all women should get to experience.

So in 2015 I decided to train to become a hypnobirthing teacher. I did my training with Katharine Graves and that’s where it all began. I started teaching couples privately initially and now I teach small groups. I absolutely love what I do. Hypnobirthing essentially is the psychology of birth and so it feels like exactly the right thing for me to be doing.

I’ve also subsequently had my third baby. Another boy! Again I practiced hypnobirthing and he was born in the pool at the birth centre. I finally got my water birth. It was so peaceful and calm and I was able to catch him myself. It was such a perfect moment.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Running a business is far more demanding than I initially anticipated. It’s been a big learning curve. I might only teach for 12 hours in a week but I easily clock 40 hours plus doing everything else.

I often work late into the night, finally falling into bed at 2am. The thing I’ve found most hard is trying to do it all.  It’s only me and it’s full-on and I’m often learning how to do  the design work, the branding, the marketing, the website development, the accounting ‘on the job.’  Finding that time when you’ve also got three children and, until very recently, zero childcare is some juggling act.

What has been your proudest moment?

The incredible feedback I get from the couples I teach after they’ve completed the course and again after they’ve had their babies gives me goosebumps. I’ve always wanted a job where I felt I was helping people and now I’m finally doing that and it feels pretty amazing.

I’m also pretty proud of the fact I’ve had two babies in the last 2 years (there’s 15 months between the little ones), completed my masters, qualified as a hypnobirthing teacher and got my business off the ground. I’ve no idea how I’ve managed it.

What is your best mum hack for making it all work?

Ha – I wish I knew! I don’t know if there is a way to make it all work. Most of the time if some area of my life is going well e.g. the business; then I feel like the other side of my life is being neglected e.g. my kids. I’m striving for that magic work/life balance but it’s pretty elusive.

However something that definitely helps is having a partner who is willing to raise the children with you. If it wasn’t for James I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. This weekend for example he is with the 3 children whilst I’m away teaching in London. Things aren’t always rosy but we do make a good team and I’m proud of the fact our kids see us both switch equally between working and being ambitious and being at home and nurturing them. It’s a modern set up and I like that.

What encouragement would you give a mum thinking of starting her own thing?

You GREW and BIRTHED an actual real-life HUMAN being. You are a superwoman. There is literally nothing you can’t do.**

**My disclaimer would be that you’ve got to be prepared to put in the hours and sweat and tears. It’s hard work behind the Instagram-pretty scenes.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Probably wear shorter skirts and more crop tops and have less inhibitions.  When you’re 30 and you’ve got 3 kids and everything is saggy you’re going to wish you had appreciated that body more.

I don’t know what else. I don’t believe in having regrets. Rubbish stuff has happened but I believe there’s always a reason for it, even if we can’t see that at the time. So often in retrospect you can see that something bad happened which put you in a situation where then something wonderful happened. I try and see everything as a learning opportunity and focus on the positives. I’m definitely a YES person.

Will you show us your #MumBag?

Number of items in your bag: about 25

Mark your #MumBag out of 10 for:

Entertainment: 7 – It would appear I’m pretty good at carrying entertainment for myself like a magazine in the hope I might get to read it if the babies crash out at the same time (Very rare). I always have my phone and my work with me, which I’m always to get on with. I haven’t got any entertainment in my bag at the mo for the kids (bad mama). Unless snacks count as entertainment? Do they??

Food: 8 – I always arm myself with snacks for the kids when leaving the house because in my experience it’s the quickest way to bring things back from the meltdown brink. But I usually forget snacks for me and nobody likes me when I’m hangry….

Drugs: 10 – I carry an Epi-Pen so I’m always armed and ready!

Clothing: 0 – I don’t tend to carry spare clothes anymore. A risky strategy I know. The kids usually end up pretty filthy by the end of the day but with 3 boys I can barely keep on top of the washing as it is, without multiple costume changes.

Skank: 4 – I will admit that I sometimes I do find a mouldy tangerine rotting at the bottom of my bag but today is ok. The mini Milka have been hanging around for months but are probably still edible. Oh but there is that stash of miscellaneous receipts hidden in the gold clutch…

Actual nice things for you: 8 – I always carry a red lippy and I love the little mirror I got when I had my ear pierced at the Maria Tash studio. Hand cream from L’occitane is pretty nice and because I have a subscription to Living and Grazia I always have a mag to hand. Oh and I LOVE my new Tiba+Marl bag, so that’s a pretty nice thing for me.

What is the most comedy item you have found? An empty packet of migraine tablets. I carry it around empty instead of throwing it away to remind me to get some more…

What is the oldest item in there? The Milka which *may* be from the summer hols when we went to France and has just been moved from bag to bag since.

What is the item you’re most proud of?   Probably my work folder. There’s loads of stuff in there I’m working on. I’m speaking at some upcoming expectant parents events with Mothercare and so I recently designed a banner for my stand. I’m not a designer but I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.

I’m also pretty proud of my Tiba+Marl bag. I’m lucky enough to be friends with Anna and Lydia who set up the brand. They are both mums and they work so hard. They do everything between them and are such a great team. They only launched just over a year ago and are already stocked in Harrods and have an exclusive line with Selfridges. This bag is from their new collection with Mamas and Papas. They’re absolutely bossing it.

Describe your baggage-type:  Scatty. I have a few Tiba+Marl bags so I regularly switch between them. Which means I have multiple bags on the go with different bits and pieces languishing in each one. It’s all a bit of a disorganised mess to be honest.


You can find Siobhan at  www.thedoublemama.com and http://www.thepositivebirthcompany.co.uk

Thank you for reading x

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Why I’m Asking You To Show Us Your #MUMBAG And Raise Funds For A Post Natal Depression Charity

Someone I really admire came out about their PND on Facebook the other day and it really threw me.  (And of course I have to mention the amazing Adele’s admission which has happened since writing this.)

Not because it’s still taboo (it is) or I think she should keep the darkness from the positive PR machine that is social media (I don’t) but because if you asked me who had it, she would be on the absolute bottom of my list.  She is a great character and is super hot and happy and funny on social media even with a small baby in tow. It just surprised me.

I admire her even more now.

So it made me think if she, a seemingly ok type, has it there must be loads of other mums squirrelled away suffering with PND on their own, putting on a brave face or not knowing what to do about it. Or even knowing they have it.

It is hard to out yourself.  It takes guts.  Because you feel that people might think less of you, that you are a bad mum, that your kids will be taken away, that you are a failure, or even a cross-the-road-from-her-she’s-not-very-well type.

A friend of mine had it with her first child and said:

“I just felt SO ashamed.

Ashamed at how I felt towards my baby and how badly I was coping.

I put on a facade to friends and family but my Mum knew.

I think it’s taboo because it feels like everyone else is coping.

Everyone else can do it, why can’t I?”


The fact is that 1 in 7 mums will suffer from a bout of Post Natal Depression.

Dad’s can suffer form Post Natal Mental Health Illness too.

The biggest cause of death for women with children between 6 weeks and one year old is suicide.

Read that last one again.


There is such a strong Mama presence online at the moment that now, more than ever, talking about PND should be easy and un-judged.

We have moved on from a time when gin ruined mothers. It’s now being celebrated. Hurrah!

It’s encouraged to admit your #parentfails.  The Tiger Mothers seem to have been put back into captivity and it’s not cool to be smug anymore.  We’re slummy and scummy all the way, waiting for wine-o-clock and dissing ourselves before anyone else does.  Been there, got the #GoodTee shirt.


Early motherhood chucked some PND at me too.

I never went to the doctor about it.   I didn’t know that feeling that bad wasn’t how it should be.

Its only now when I look at the symptoms of PND do I realise I could have ticked off 90% of the list for the first 16 months of my daughter’s life.  In fact that’s when I realised I’d had it, when it lifted.

I had nothing but love for my baby girl and tried SO hard to get everything right for her.  I remember feeling almost paralysed by it.   Hung up on the rules made by power crazy baby whisperers; I felt smaller somehow. I went from massively sociable to socially anxious. From fun-loving to not being able to see the joy.  And I was wound so tight yet could unravel so easily.

I had always defined myself by my exciting jobs in the media.  It had taken a while to get pregnant and I had fantasised about being a stay at home mum.  Now that I was, I was lost at sea.

I took this new ‘motherhood job’ very seriously.  I found it impossible to relinquish any control or accept help.  If Dom ever tried to offer me any advice or suggest something different I would get so defensive and would often use the analogy “I wouldn’t come to your work and tell you how to do your job.”

My sense of self had well and truly left the building, it took my confidence with it and they didn’t leave a forwarding address.

I had *just* enough in me to give to her but little else left for anyone else, especially not myself.  I thought this was just how Motherhood was.

Sharing my experience is not about pity, it’s about hope really.  I have been through it and come out the other side in a way I would never have expected.  I started a business off the back of it that has changed my path. From a dark, confidence-less place something managed to grow.



I have also felt totally different after baby number 2, hi-lighting the difference even more in some ways but also showing that you don’t automatically get it twice.   Of course I have had my moments; like fantasising about having an accident (just a little leg break) so I could have a night in hospital and read magazines.  But that was dog-tiredness talking not Black Dog.

If you recognise any of the symptoms in yourself or in someone you know then please do seek out some help.

I wish I had known about PANDAS Foundation who offer support nationally to mums and dads.

Claire Nethersole, the fundraising manager at PANDAS, explains more:

“PANDAS Foundation provides support for people affected by pre or post-natal mental illnesses and their families.  We have a helpline, email support, support groups based in the community and also a closed Facebook group. All of our volunteers either have first-hand experience or have cared for someone who has.  Last year we supported 11,000 people and demand for our services grows every day.  We are funded by the kind generosity of people who donate and hold events for us and we are grateful for every penny we receive. ”


I started this blog to champion mums. I marvel how much people manage get done as well as raising small folk.  One of the things I do on the blog is a brazenly nosey peek inside people’s #MumBags. I am fascinated about what we lug about to sustain and facilitate the small people.


I asked a pal if I could see inside hers the other day and she said “Oh OK, I’ll share the shame with you.”


That was my lightbulb moment.


I thought, there is no shame in that bag.  That bag goes a long way to keep your babe alive. Fed, watered, entertained, clean, dry, in pennies for this and that, in Calpol and raisins.  Raise up that bag for it is a life-giving source.

And there is no shame in PND either. It’s not baggage. The shame needs to be lifted and replaced with it’s OK not to be OK.

So here’s my plan … With your help I’d like to go some way in raising money and awareness for this small yet brilliant charity.

How? By sharing the contents of YOUR #MumBag on social media and by texting a donation.


Here’s what to do:

  1. Tip/ display the contents of your mumbag on the floor and take a pic from above
  2. Post it on Instagram and/or Facebook
  3. Make sure you include all of this blurb:

I’m sharing my #mumbag (or #dadbag) to help mums with Post Natal Depression

Text PANDAS £3 to 70660 to donate to Pandasfoundation.org.uk


#showusyourmumbag too TAG MATES HERE

#PND #noshameinit #showusyourmumbag #showusyourdadbag

#PANDASfoundation #itsoknottobeok @pandas_uk @mrsyellowblog

Text costs £3 plus network charge. PANDAS Foundation receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payer’s permission. Customer care 01691 664275 Charity No 1149485.   

  1. Remember to text a donation
  2. Encourage as many people as you can to do the same by tagging them in your post


Only by talking about this stuff can we normalise it, lift the shame and help people get the help they need.  We will keep you updated on how we get on.

Go on,

#Showusyourmumbag …

Thank you.


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#Mumbag TopTrumps – Number 5

By day she looks after HR for one of London’s coolest ad agencies. Her #Mumbag is a sight for my very sore eyes.  If I stand near her enough, will some of her organisational skills rub off on me? I hope so. Let’s take a peek …


Name: Mizzy

Age: 35

What do you do?  HR at Mr President

Kids: Francesca, 4, Jack, 11 Months

Mark your #Mumbag out of 10 for the following:

Entertainment: 8 if you’re Frankie, 0 if you’re Jack.

Food: 8 if you’re healthy, if it’s an I need sugar day.

Drugs: 0 unless you like Doc McStuffin plasters.

Clothing:  8. Wet knickers and leaking nappies are covered.

Skank: 0. I am not a fan of skank.

Nice things for me: My favourite Whistles tiny bag for grown-up things.

Comedy item: The biggest collection of figurines you have ever seen. We’ve got Boj, Twirlywoos, 2x unicorns, Peppa, George, Susie, Danny and Candy. One miniature pink tennis ball and a shit load of crap from Kinder eggs.

What are your proudest of? My collection of coffee loyalty cards. If you’re a coffee shop in Hampstead, me and my kids are regulars.

Describe your bag: I am a huge fan of bags with compartments. I HATE rummaging around for things whilst holding a baby/umbrella/school bag/scooter/coat. Everything is in a purse or container. There is no risk of anything getting wet. Everything has a home and I get cross if I can’t find it.

100% OCD.

Let’s see it then:



Can I see inside your #Mumbag?


More coming from Mrs Yellow soon.  Please find me on Instagram to see the latest posts.