It’s #MumBag and #MumBoss #Monday where we get the chance to peek into the minds and bags of some very talented and interesting women.

This week, we have got the multi-award winning dating blogger Katy Horwood.  She is the GO-TO girl for all things sex and relationships related and has even discussed ‘Dick Pics’ on Woman’s Hour on Radio 4.

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Aside from the blog she writes for The Huffington Post, Metro and Match.com and reports back on dating from the front line.  Plus – if you need your online dating profile written for you, she can even do that too.

She lives in London with her eight year old daughter.

Katy tells us how she’s got to this point:

What do you do in a nutshell?

I write an award winning blog focusing on sex, dating and relationships and for a number of other online sites including Metro.co.uk, The Huffington Post, TimeOut.com & Match.com, London X, The Urban Dater & Toyboy Warehouse.

I also speaks regularly on BBC radio on the subject, and am proud to be brand ambassador for LELO and Sexpo UK and a judge at the Euro and UK Dating Awards.

When did you start it and why at that time?

I started my blog over 8 years ago, after relaying many a bad date to friends – they always enjoyed my stories so I decided to start writing those stories down.  My blog began to gather quite a following and I adapted it from being a personal dating blog to one that was more industry focused – It is now considered one of the go-to ‘dating industry’ blogs in the UK and I have won a number of awards including best blogger/ blog UK dating awards and the UK blog awards.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Getting people to pay for my writing! Anyone who writes a blog will know how frustrating it is when people expect you to write for nothing – presuming you’ll do it because they’re recognised press, or it will ‘raise your profile’. Despite some bloggers having thousands of followers, I believe blogging is still an industry which struggles to be taken seriously – and it can be very frustrating.

What has been your proudest moment?

Piers Morgan re-tweeting my blog to 5 million followers! And the awards of course. To be honest, writing is endlessly rewarding – every time my readers interact or respond to a piece it really brings me a sense of pride.

What is your best mum hack for making it all work?

Wine. Lol

… and finding something you are passionate about, it’s a cliché but the saying is try, find something you love doing and you’ll never work another day in your life. Writing is a passion for me, I’d do it (and have done it!) without getting paid, so it never feels like a chore.  I think that is the key to the balancing act and making things work.

What encouragement would you give a mum thinking of starting her own thing?

Just start. And don’t let people put you off, recognition, for me, took a long time, but it’s worth pushing on through as nothing happens overnight. That and mastering social media.  It amazes me the amount of brands and small business who still don’t utilise social media, it’s basically free advertising and marketing – and these days one of the most immediate ways to reach out to people.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Have more confidence in yourself.

I’ve learnt, having been in the industry, that it’s not the best writers that have the most success (far from it!) it’s the ones who don’t take no for an answer. I think that applies for most businesses, a solid idea/product is important but a relentless drive is the thing that really gets you noticed.

You seem to have found your thing.  Would you agree and how did you come across it?

As I say, it all came about by accident really! I have always liked being ‘heard’ so blogging felt like the natural path – it took off from there and I’ve never looked back!

Will you show us your #MumBag?

Number of items in your bag: 9

Mark your #MumBag out of 10 for:

Entertainment: 2

Food: 0

Drugs: 0

Clothing: 0

Skank: 2

Actual nice things for you: 3

What is the most comedy item you have found?

Sorry my bag is pretty boring! Lol … I recently invested in a new smaller bag and it literally limits how much I can fit in it, so less ‘comedy’ and more essential!

I guess the funniest thing are my daughters playing cards and 2 business cards from guys I have no intention of ever calling (yes, I’m single!)

What is the oldest item in there?

The purse, I bought it 5 years ago in paris and it’s still going strong!

What is the item you’re most proud of?

The playing cards – my daughters, a bit more sentimental than a pen or a lip balm!

Describe your baggage-type:

I’d say pretty minimalist, which is funny because I am actually a real hoarder in real life! I love ‘bits’ and my house is full of nostalgic memorabilia from holidays etc so It’s funny my bag is so ordered – minus the loose change at the bottom of course!


Thank you for reading x

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